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SPIKE BOX : Share your stuff !

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Soziale Netze Foto und Video
Entwickler Metaps Inc.

Snap & Share your stuff with friends.

◆What is SPIKE BOX?
You can use SPIKE BOX to take pictures of things youre not using anymore and share them with friends.
Its easy to give, exchange, rent, buy or sell items with your friends.
Unlike auction or classified sites where dealing with strangers is unreliable, this photo-sharing app can be used safely and securely with people that you actually know.

◆Why should you use SPIKE BOX?
・If you dont have time to post your items on auction or classified sites.
・If you want to casually give, exchange or rent your possessions.
・If you like to buy and sell stuff quickly and easily.
・If you have lot of accumulated a lot of stuff and want to sell it as fast as possible.
・If you want to give away of a lot of stuff for free.
・If you have a collection of items you want to share with others.
・If you like to browse other peoples collectors items.

◆Special Features
・It takes only 1 minute to upload and share photos
・You can securely share photos amongst your trusted circle of friends.
・Posting an item is as simple as taking a photo and selecting Sale, Trade or Exchange!